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坣 for calling, as otherwise he wo▓uld have been forced to invent ●an occasion.It was beyond all re▓ason to expect him to relinquish▓ the pursuit of such a clue. He ●made his way at once to the ho▓use where he had seen Lawrence call.His ▓ring was answered by an elderly● servant, slow and stiff in her mov▓ements.Lyon recalled with a smile his fancy th▓at the running girl might po▓ssibly be the maid, hurrying t


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    half.▓ Now, who

    o conceal a tard●y return to the house.This woman c●ould not run for a fire. Is● Miss Wolcott at home he asked. The woman l▓ooked dubious and discouraging.I'll see, s

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    was the girl

    h●e said. Please tell her that I w▓ill detain her only a moment, but th●at I have a very important message for▓ her, Lyon said, giving the girl h▓is c


ard and quietly forcing his way past her ●into the reception room. The old servant we●nt slowly up-stairs, and Lyon took a swift s▓urvey of the room in which he was left, striving● to guess the character of the owners.▓ Books, pictures, flowers, all be▓tokene

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